If I strip my color from my hair, how much damage will I receive?

Right now, my hair is blue and I'm ready for a new color. The woman dyeing my hair said we'd have to strip the color, but i feel like that's going to be a lot of damage. My hair is very soft but thick (3C/4A). Would the damage be immense?

1 Answer

Well tbh I DO NOT know alot about hair dyeing but I know it has to go deep into your hair to alter your natural hair pigmentation so to STRIP (that word makes me cringe) that dye from your hair, the dye remover will have to basically have to destroy and damage your hair to strip the color from it. It will leave your hair terribly porous and dry and damage and not so "easy breezy beautiful cover girl"!So, Yeah!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old