Should I use Aveda Black Malva or Aveda Clove?

Hi!! For the past 7 years I've been on a hair dying binge. I'm finally now trying to go back to my normal haircolor (light medium brown with gold tones), however I have red dye in my hair that won't seem to come out. It makes my hair look brassy especially in the summertime. I'm trying not to dye my hair so I decided to buy Aveda Clove conditioner and it looks like it warmed my hair, but not sure if I should get the Aveda Black Malva conditioner to get rid of the red brassy tones? What do you think? Should I combine the 2 conditioners to get a warmer darker color? I like the gold, but I'm just not a fan of the brassy. I don't want my hair to be very dark if I choose the black malva. Any ideas?? In the picture you can see that my roots are growing in. Thanks!!

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