I want to color my hair but I don't know what hair dye is best for keeping the integrity of my curls

I have thought about it and I really am considering dying my hair, for the sake of change. However I want to do so without severely compromising my curls. Does any body know any curly hair-safe dyes that I can buy at the store that will give me decent color, but will still not completely ruin my curls. For details sake I am looking for a hair color that will turn my very dark brown hair to a chocolate brown (dark brown with a slight tint of red). And also I have virgin hair.

2 Answers

Shea Moisture has come out with an ammonia-free hair dye that I've seen a bunch of curlies use! You can find a bunch of reviews on Youtube. You could probably get something around what you're looking for with their dark auburn or one of their brown colors.
Check out this article about Olaplex.