I want dye my hair at the ends brown ombre or honey blonld colour

I want do have to bleach I don't want to bleach it but I want know what to do can you give tips  or ideas what to do or use 

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I need this to be answer before I run and do please help now
You can use a regular box dye you dont have to use bleach. But if you do either of these, and thats how light you want the blonde - the bleach you need can be low volume because youre not going for a light blonde. You can use a 10 volume developer for the least amount of damage and follow up with a deep conditioner for color treated hair. You can also use a 20 vol developer but I digress. I would go with 10; even though you will have to wait longer for it to lighten. If you go with 10 you will probably have to bleach twice because 10 doesnt have much lifting power; so you may want to go with 20. If you do go with 20, DO NOT do it for over 20 minutes at a time and you can use aluminum foil wrapped around your ends to cut the bleaching time (that adds heat) so you really dont have to leave it on for long. If you want those warm honey undertones when you do it, if you use bleach DO NOT use a blue bleach powder. The powder will take the warm tones out.Some other tips are to do a protein treatment afterward and stash up on some protein products. Aphogee has great products, and even conditioners that have protein in them. You dont have to use it on all of your hair but your ends are important. The protein will help along with the deep conditioning to nurse your hair back to health and seal your cuticle back up. You wont be able to skip out on moisturizing or deep conditioning. You should start doing it once a week.Click here for more tips.Click here for EVEN MORE tips. lolClick here for before and after tips for black hair.Click here for more tips on maintaining your hair after bleaching.Click here to learn about developer levels, like the 10 or 20 I suggested.How to use coconut oil to lessen damage during the bleaching process.Products for bleached hair.Products for curly bleached hair :)**Disclaimer** I am not a hair stylist. I have dyed hair before and taken a few classes on hair but I am not licensed. If you are not confident in what youre doing or want to do DO NOT do it and go to a professional who will better help you. I hope this helps, xo :)
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