I want my natural hair color back, should I dye it or just let it grown out?

After years of coloring my hair I now decided I want to go back to my natural hair color.  My natural color is dark brown/black and the color I have right now is light brown/blonde. My roots are currently 2 1/2 inches out so my hair looks kind of weird. So should I dye my whole hair dark brown , or just let my hair grow out ? I also want to avoid hair damage. 

3 Answers

Your hair looks pretty healthy for dying it but remember dying can really mess up the curl pattern.. trust me I know :(
If you're willing to stay with your hair like with your roots growning out, then that'll be healthier. But I'm all honesty, I think it'll look better if you color it dark again
Dying and Coloring hair are 2 different things well dying your hair a bright color ( like the blonde ) is unhealthy , it lifts your hair color multiple levels that it is not used to.I also have blonde highlights .But coloring your hair a dark color ( like dark brown ) doesn't damage your hair . I would definitely color it if that is what you want .