I want to raise my natural hair and I am using the adore brand. Should I add honey to it?

1 Answer

I'm sorry, I can't really give you expert advice on coloring hair. I have only ever done color in the salon. (I'm not even sure if this even has anything to do with your question.) But, if you are trying to go lighter than your natural hair color, I think you at least need 30-40 volume developer in the mix if you are not going to bleach. I got that info from youtube and from listening in on my Colorist's conversation with another stylist :)I don't know anything about the adore brand specifically (nor was I able to find anything that would answer your question, with a quick google search), but if you have any friends who do color or maybe if you go to a beauty supply store or even walk into a hair salon and ask some questions about how they like to do color you'll get your answer. Also, google and youtube can be good resources for DIY just about anything.I hope that helps!