I wanted to know if there is a natural way to dye my hair, henna and rinse does not work on me

Are you still natural if you dye your hair? I've been using bigen forever, but found out its not good. Is there a natural way to dye your hair? Rinse and henna does not work on my hair.

1 Answer

Hi, It's often feels as if everyone as their own definition of "natural hair". Some say it's to not modify your hair pattern or not to use any sort of chemical, but if you do a Brazilian blowdry to loosen your curls but they are still there are you still natural ? If you color your hair you modify it but if you do a twist out you kind of modify it too. So in the end it's depends on you.As to ways to color your hair naturally it depends on witch color you want. If you want to darken it use indigo, If you want it to be more red you can use henna and a blend of other plants to intensify it like rubia tinctorum, hibiscus or cinnamon. But as your hair is very dark it might not show very much (only some reflects in the sun) unless you bleach it first. If you want to lighten your hair you can try honey, chamomile, turmeric or lemon (but don't try honey and lemon at the same time as lemon cancel the effects of honey). Recently I've tried a mix of conditioner, half that amount of honey and a good tablespoon of turmeric. Apply it and let it sit around 8 hours. I've only tried once, it didn't do much it only added subtle golden-y reflects with sunlight but I've read that you need to do this at least 3 to 5 times to really notice it. Honey has an enzyme called glucose oxidase that produces hydrogen peroxide that acts as a very mild bleaching agent when applied to your hair but without damaging it as honey is also a great humectant. Turmeric coat the hair and tends to wash away after a few shampoos but be careful it really stains, textiles and nails and on lighter blond hair it can give greenish bright yellow tones. Another less natural way to change your hair color is to use some semi permanent dye (not all brands, read the ingredients) like manic panic even thought they are far from ideal their composition are not that bad and darker colors like dark green, blue, red can show up a little on unbleached hair.