How to lighten faded dark red hair to light brown w/o bleach?

My hair is naturally  a dark brown, almost black color. I dyed it about 6 months ago using Loreal high color highlights in red hot and achieved a dark red hair color that was a couple of shades lighter than my original hair. It didn't really damage my curls, especially since I went to the salon and had about 6 inches cut right after. It has faded to a medium brownish color since then. Now I want to lighten my hair to a light golden brown without using bleach, but don't know how to start. I'm guessing it shouldn't be that hard to lift the color since the red dye I used already lightened my black hair.Does anyone have any suggestions on a product that I can use that won't kill my curls?

1 Answer

Lifting colour with bleach or anything has the potential to damage your hair. Go to a professional so it can be done properly