How long to wait before I dye my hair again

I dyed my hair a week ago for the first time ever. I've wanted a balayage for a long time and finally decided to do it. But the hairdresser gave me balayage-style highlights instead of the full balayage I wanted. I am happy with highlights and like the way it looks but part of me still really wants the all over ombre affect of a real balayage. My hair is 3a/b and is pretty healthy I'd say - it has next to none heat damage I only straighten it a hand full of times a year and I use a deep conditioner regularly. So the only damage I've done is the highlights. How long should I wait before I dye it again? Also do you think its not worth dying it again since summer is ending? I feel like its a sunkissed look that could look out of place in the winter. Thank you!

1 Answer

Back in April I saw a hairdresser for the balayage and it wasn't exactly what I wanted, I went back two weeks later and it still wasn't perfect; Later that day I bought some shea moisture hair color and tried to create the look I was going for and it was perfect. I didn't have chemical damage but had heat damage from the hairdresser -__-. If its your first time coloring your hair I would suggest that you wait another week. Some would disagree with me but I'd rather have my hair look dope then go around for months with a style/color I didn't like. Seeing a professional stylist and colorist is good sound advice but at home coloring is not hard and you can create the exact look you're going for without having to over explain and the potential of disaster. Buy a good brand of hair dye, Shea Moisture, and DIY.