My hair went from super curly to frizzy and wavy when I bleached a streak. Can this be prevented?

I wanted to dye a section of my hair a unnatural color and the process involves bleach because I am a natural brunette. After bleaching it became frizzy and wavy-straight. I did this process at home and I think that has something to do with it. After using a semi-permanent purple dye it stayed frizzy, but when i got bored of the color and went a permanent brunette the curls came back. Did removing the cuticle make it loose curl, and did dying it permanent help it regain it?

1 Answer

Hm. I'm surprised coloring it back repaired the curls. Whatever coloring agent you used must've injected some good, reparative moisture back into your hair. How long since you did the second coloring? Unfortunately, sometimes freshly colored hair looks really good but kinda reverts back eventually.