natural red head to platinum blonde with no bleach or damage, what should I do?

Hi I have natural red hair like an brownish reddish auburn color. I have been blessed with 3B hair  but I want to go platinum blonde how would I do that with no damage Or bleach? Is it possible? I have mixed hair I'm Mexican Puerto Rican and black, I have had relaxers but that has been about 3 years ago, I also tried box dye when I wanted to go to a lighter red but also that was almost 3 years ago. Since then I have not used any chemicals on my hair. I want change but I don't want to ruin my hair. I need a solution where I won't damage my hair with bleaching or using another harsh chemical. What should I do? P.S I have attached two pictures of the color of my hair and how dark is has gotten and also two pictures of how light I would want to go. 

1 Answer

You definitely will have to use bleach in order to get it to be a platinum blonde. Going platinum blonde hair tends to be the most damaging since it requires you to leave it on longer so all the melanin (the natural pigment that makes up your hair color) is out of your hair and very very light till it's almost white and from there it will be toned by the hairdresser in order to achieve your desired warmer or cooler tone. For us girls with hair on the darker side (aka, not a fair color or natural blonde) going lighter requires using some bleach, but much less to the extent of going platinum blonde. Also never use any DIY method like using hydrogen peroxide (because hair has fallen out in chunks for some people) or stuff like Sun In because it looks really obvious and orangey and the results don't look good. I have naturally dark brown hair and I wanted to lighten it so badly when I was a younger teen (in college now) and I tried every "natural method" like using lemon juice or honey or whatever and it would never work. And yes, you will get some damage from lightening with bleach, but if you decide to do it, I would go to a professional with a good reputation/portfolio to do it because they know how to properly mix/apply the bleach and any extra agents in order to achieve the result you want. Also, just know that if you decide to bleach/lighten your hair all over you'll have to commit to set aside some extra money to get your roots touched up and buy products that will tone your hair (like purple shampoo) because with time lightened hair can start to look brassy/orangey or acquire a greenish tint from pools. I would recommend you looking into getting a "balayage" (Google to see pics) which is a highlighting technique that looks natural and absolutely gorgeous when done correctly, also since it looks natural and they're just lightening only certain pieces, you don't have to go touch it up as often or worry about hiding your roots as you would an all-over color. All of this is just my two cents/advice from but it's all up to you and what makes you happy. :-).