Noob: Don't know my hair type, and dyed my hair and lost my curl!

Firstly I apologise if I use any wrong terms, please forgive and correct me I am a total newbie! I'm looking for advice for how to help my hair: what UK products and what hair-type am I?I'm new here, never needed the forum because I was very lucky and my hair naturally dried silky and curly, keeping a a shiny styled look until the next wash without doing anything to it. I didn't even bother using conditioner most the time, my hair just didn't need it. I never even brushed it - it just didn't seem to knot - I could run my fingers through it after the wind to readjust it back to how I wanted it.In about August (4 or 5 months ago) I dyed my hair blonde, now I have lost a lot of curl and it frizzes constantly. I have been to a few different hairdressers looking for advice who all said they don't consider my hair "damaged" just "a bit dry". I have spent all this time using lots of conditioners and its made no difference except for the first 10 minutes.My hair is "thick but fine" -- even when straightened it looks average to thick, but each individual hair is extremely fine. My hair gets extremely greasy extremely easily; after 24 hours I have an inch of grease at the roots. I wash my hair every 3 days and have been for over a year in an attempt to make it less greasy, but I  think kits just because my skin is extremely oily. I have been using dry shampoo or hats to hide the greasiness between washes.Since dying my hair I've had to start washing my hair more regularly because the dry shampoo makes my hair even worse and my only second day hair option is a tight bun because my hair is that bad!HAIR TYPE:I'm really confused. My hair before I stupidly dyed it was mostly "ringlets"/"corkscrew curls" of about 1 inch diameter with one random thick 2 inch diameter ones on the underneath, two random waves. It looked texture-wise (the word might not be texture I mean silkiness and how "well-behaved" it looked) like the girl in 2c. Volume-wise it looked like 3c. Length-wise it is the length of 2A's hair when curly.3a looks a lot, lot messier than my natural pre-died hair and not as tightly curled. 3b looks a lot looser than my natural curls but at the same time 3b have a smaller diameter than my curls.If someone asked me to pick a photo I would say I was 2c with  a few tighter (by which I mean you can't see through them) curls. BUT reading the description my hair totally doesn't match it: my hair is not course; my hair very easily straightened and other heat and non-heat styling; it took very easily to various methods of curl enhancing or total re-curling methods without heat.Now my hair LOOKs quite like 2a but with masses and masses of unwanted volume, and some large patches of frizz! Occasionally on a random good day its dries LOOKing like the girl in 2b but with more volume, but within a couple of hours its back to being awful as always. I currently use an intensive moisturizing shampoo (Aussie three minute miracle) and occasionally one with keratin in, but the keratin one seems to make my hair much more brittle even though it looks mildly better after use.I also tried putting oil in it - both as a mask and a small bit for the day but it doesn't help. Oil in my hair for the day just speeds up my super-speed oiliness, it looks fine when I put it in, but somehow by the end of the day my hair is covered in grease. Even when I use the smallest amount possible and only on the end of the underneath and very ends of the top layer.P.S. I would post a picture I don't want to post my face and I have no pre-dye hair pictures, just various ones people took and I just failed at trying to take a picture of the back or side of my head! I get mostly the wall or my back instead. 

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I should have proof read that! It is far longer than intended and contains lots of grammar errors, typos and spelling errors. I am sorry!
Regarding your hair type:Some things to factor out when trying to figure out your hair type/pattern: texture (the silkiness), density (your hair looking "thick"/ you have a lot of hair), volume, length (this may "change" hair type but only because of added weight), and thickness (the strands being fine). Those characteristics go all over the hair pattern spectrum. Second, I **personally** wouldn't go by the pictures you find under the "HAIRTYPES" link on this website just 'cause those pictures don't even seem to go with the descriptions assigned to them. They also seem to use kind of outdated assumptions about hair types, since it's now sort of accepted that hair pattern is just about curl diameter (or strand shape when deciding between types like 4a and 4b) . They did an article that I think better shows the hair patterns and their curl sizes. 1 inch and 2 inch in diameter sound mainly like 3a (for 1 inch - around chalk size) and 2c (for 2 inch - probably a looser winding curl/s shape), You can have two (or more) different hair types too!The bleach and dye used on your hair probably weakened the structure of your hair, causing it to lose its curl pattern/loosen - the same thing happened to my friend when she bleached her hair.A porosity change is probably contributing to the frizziness (along with some dryness). I'd assume that your hair was low porosity and that your hair would be opened by the shampoo, moisturized by water, and then close up again, keeping the moisture (lucky occurrence, maybe). The bleach has probably made your hair high porosity which is harder to maintain. This is because your hair now takes in the moisture - first 10 minutes after your shower - and lets it go easily - the rest of the time. So you'd have to find a way to keep the moisture in your hair. Usually, I'd say this is done by sealing with an oil.... sometimes the LOC/LCO method (L=liquid or leave in, O=oil, C=cream/like a daily styler).Basically, I'd guess you were a 2c/3a with high density, fine strands, low porosity, silky textured,  and mid/long hair.  Damaged, it's most likely a 2a/2b and high porosity with a coarse(r) texture. Hair stylist probably don't think it looks damaged because they assume that that is just your regular hair type.Oiliness:The oiliness probably has something to do with your hair being fine too. It always seems easier for finer/lesser curly hair to get oilier. I would recommend water-only washing every once in a while since it helps to get your hair moisturized by your natural oils while also making the oil your hair produces less concentrated and I've heard some people do it everyday. This video should mention it somewhere in there. If you want to test out whether it's your skin making your hair oily or if your head just gets oily on it's own, try wearing a satin bonnet to bed for a few nights and take notice whether your hair is sill oily. If it isn't it's your skin. Definitely try the oil cleansing method, if it is, because I've heard a lot of success stories in terms of making skin less oily. You can also try it out for your hair too, but it may be unbearably oily for a while there - I recommend a time when you don't have to go anywhere. It would involve doing it for a whillllllle though - more than a day. This is just because it needs time to make your skin and/or head used to producing less of it's own oil. Come to think of it, your head/hair might be doing that because you don't use conditioner often.... Shampoo would strip away your natural oils and they would be replenished/ replaced by conditioner, so your body is overcompensating in its production of oil.Keratin/ Brittleness,etc.Keratin making your hair brittle may be because it's a protein and you may have some king of protein sensitivity or moisture/protein in balance. If your hair is well moisturized, it's probably the former. In which case, I'm not really sure what to do. For the latter though, you just need to make sure that you moisturize your hair too if you want to use a protein. The keratin probably makes your hair look better because the added protein helps to rebuild/ add to the structure of your hair - what the bleach and dye helped to damage. In some cases, protein treatments even help bring the hair back to normal.... but I wouldn't 100 percent bank on that. At the very least, it'll help make your hair healthier.Recommendations:DEFINITELY start using at least conditioner, if you haven't. This is especially true if you're still shampooing. I'd also recommend a deep conditioner (DC) - Shea Moisture JBCO is great because it has proteins AND it adds moisture so if you're lazy or looking for a two-in-one or just a great DC then go with that (I love it). It's also recommended that you deep condition every time you use shampoo, but sometimes I don't. I would definitely suggest switching to a sulfate free shampoo - again, I love the Shea Moisture JBCO one, but there are others. Jojoba oil is a light oil, if you want to try one. It's also the closest one to the oil naturally made by our bodies so it's good for oil cleansing too. P.S. lol You can always edit out your face - easy way is to take a snap, put an emoji over it, and screenshot it - and, if you want to take a picture of the back, use a mirror a take a "selfie" of your head so you can use the mirror to see exactly what it is you're taking a picture of.Hope this helped!
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