is it okay to dye my heat damaged hair?

I am transitioning from heat damaged hair. I was thinking about dying all my heat damaged hair so I can see my natural hair growth easier, but i'm having some second thoughts. Because my hair is already damaged, it might damage it even more, but some people are telling me go head and dye it because its already damaged and since I'm eventually going to cut it off go ahead..i need some advice!

2 Answers

Please follow your gut instinct and DO NOT further damage your hair by coloring it. ESPECIALLY if that color was lighter than your natural hair. If you are transitioning then it means you are trying to have healthier hair, correct? In order to ensure you have the healthiest head of hair that you possibly can, you should taking measures to keep it from being further damaged. Coloring would just go against that concept.HOWEVER, there are less damaging options such as temporary color- hair chalks, rinses, eye shadow coloring etc. If you must color, go the temporary route and stay away from bleach and permanent colors. 
I don't recommend it. Your hair has been through a lot already. Wait at least 2 months after doing one to do the other. And make sure you read this article on restoring hair using the plastic baggy method for moisture.your hair needs ALL the extra moisture it can get! :)