Ombre/Balayaging on Natural Curly Hair?

I linked a photo of my hair.I've been wanting to do something to my hair that will give it a nice look, but also something relatively low maintenance since my highlights grow out with my fast growing hair. My hair currently has grown out blonde highlights, and I'm a brunette.I've been researching ombre and balayage ombre. Has anyone had this done on NATURALLY curly hair similar to mine? Any advice? Should I do it? How will it look? I can only find pictures of girls who curl their hair that have it done.

2 Answers

I think you should go for it! My hairdresser recommended I try it, as he said it would really showcase my curls. I have type 3B. I am still debating it too. Please post a pic if you decide to go through with it!
i have ombre and it looks great i did it my self though