Omg im so upset im abt to cry ! I dyed my hair & now my curls aren't as curly , what can i do ?

1 Answer

Without being able to tell what your curly type is, I assume that you mean your curls are as bouncy or looser and likely damaged by the chemicals from the hair dye. Don't worry, though! Here are some things I suggest (these help me, as I dye my hair once a month!)-once a month, do an ACV rinse (to remove build-up in your scalp and silicones or any other chemicals)here's an article to help you do a simple ACV rinse at home:, make sure you oil your scalp every night after you color your hair. I like olive oil that I get from the grocery store. I also moisturize my actual hair (strands, not scalp) with something that will make my hair soft and not brittle or hard, like these products: LITTLE or NO heat if possible-- air dry! And ALWAYS twist or braid up your hair at night once you put oil in your scalp, to let it penetrate and moisturize your hair as much as possible while you're sleeping. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or put on a silk/satin scarf, too.