People think my natural hair is fake and accuse me of getting it dyed and curled?

My hair has always been wavy but since I cut more foot off a couple months ago, it became a lot curlier. Also, my dark brown hair has a tendency to bleach in the sun (after a full day it gets noticeably lighter but most people cant tell) but I try to stay out of the sun. This summer though, I spent much more time outside and the lower half is a kinda dark golden coppery brown while the top looks almost black in comparison. In a country full of straight black hair, my classmates, even my mom and sister started asking if I had it dyed and curl it. My mom is Asian with dark hair and doesn't think it's natural but my dad who's white and has ash blond hair gets it and told me that it's normal. I'm just tired of being interrogated and accused every day and it's making me hate my hair. I'm too young and it's against the school rules to dye or curl. They should know I'm not the type to get into trouble. Just wanted to know about others' experiences and what they suggest I do about it. No trust :(

2 Answers

Who cares what other people think :)When people aren't accustomed to seeing certain things, they think it is fake. Lol, you shouldn't hate your hair, as you said most people in your environment have dark straighter hair and you're just really unique. Unique is never bad :). It is similar for me, I have dark wavy hair while everyone else in my family has light brown straight hair. At first I didn't like it, but now I stand out and love it! 
Other people's flaws are not your fault. Its hard but all you can really do is hold on to your integrity with as much forgiveness as possible.  You might try, if you haven't already,  saying,  " mom, I have told you I didn't and it is really hurtful that you continue to ask me. I am not a lier and I thought you knew me better than that.  Why don't you trust me? " good luck.