question about dying my naturally curly hair?

my hair is naturally curly, and i'd say it's a mix between 3A and 3B. i'm 16 and i've always had trouble styling and making my curly hair look nice, but recently i've been dealing with it a lot better. i really enjoy the "punk/grunge" look and i wanted to dye my hair a bright purple color, or maybe a blonde color. i'm just afraid the bleach would kill my hair and not make it look good anymore. i'm a little scared, so any advice would be appreciated. i really like courtney love's hair from the 90's, and i think i might want it that color. i realize i'd have to probably get it professionally done, but for now i need help deciding. my natural hair color is light brown and i've had it dirty blonde, dark brown, black, and even a weird maroon color once. (thanks, splat hair dye.) 

1 Answer

if your hair is already a light color you should be fine since you could probably get away with a 20 developer. If your nervous and don't have much experience with hair dye definitely get it done professionally. Aftrr coloring you may want to do a protein treatment just to repair the damage done during the process however if your hair is in good condition you should be golden