how to remove permanent highlights from natural hair

I want to know how i can get my natural hair color back , i got highlights around June of 2013 .... They are still in i just want to know how i can my natural color back

3 Answers

Your only option is to apply a cover on top of the highlights. See a professional to have this service done.  I would recommend a demi color.  This will be the least amount of damage and will actually enhance your hair rather than hurt it. Deep condition often with hair that has been chemically treated. Even after you go back to your natural color you will still be in the family of color treated hair until that hair is trimmed off.
Yes, Janelle is right (she's a pro!) Once you bleach your hair the natural color is gone from your hair strands, you can only cover it up with dye that is similar to your natural hair color. See a professional for that! *says the person who dyed their hair blue at home* lol 
you can henna your hair!