Is it safe to bleach my hair?

I want to dye my hair but my mom says no because if we bleach it my hair will fade to white over time and it will dry out but I've seen so many people at school that have hair like me and have all their hair dyed

2 Answers

It's safe to an extent. Your mom is right about dry hair. Depending on what color youre doing your hair will also fade over time but not to white, unless youre going for white hair. You will have to work double time to keep healthy hair though. To keep it healthy you will have to 1. do it right and not go overboard. 2. Constantly moisturize your hair. and 3. You'll have to incorporate protein into your hair care routine. If you hair is curly it will also loosen your curl pattern. I would go to a professional and think about color options and how much work you are willing to do to keep your hair healthy. I hope this helps love!
Speaking as someone who has naturally black hair and am familiar with the hair lightening process, I absolutely would NOT recommend bleaching your own hair (especially if you have naturally dark hair). Bleach is very tricky to work with if you're not trained in it and you can easily end up damaging your hair and the usually the results of someone doing their own hair makes it look obvious (and not in a good way) that you did it yourself. I would highly recommend going to a salon and/or select a hairdresser with a good portfolio/reputation. Look through some instagram/facebook pages of their sites (most of them post) and chances are if you like the work they did on someone else with hair similar to yours, the more satisfied you'll be with the result. There's also a lower risk of the bleach damaging your hair since they are carefully watching how it's processing in your hair and know when it's time to stop. Bleach also tends to process unevenly, leaving you with uneven patches (or racoon-y looking stripes in certain strands) if not mixed and applied correctly, plus if you're on your own, you'll need to figure out the amount of toner to warm/cool the shade after the bleaching. I know it's more expensive going to a pro than doing it yourself but think about it, you wear your hair daily so it's not like clothes and shoes where you wear it one day and put on another the next. And also my final point, if for some reason you don't end up happy with your at-home result you'll probably end up having to pay (therefore, wasting more money) to go to someone to have it fixed.