Safe hair dye: low chemicals

I have between 2B and 2C naturally copper/auburn hair, but lately my ends are almost golden blond from the sun at times, and my roots are almost brown in the sun. It looks like I dyed my hair and massively need to touch up my roots. What are some safe, low chemical and affordable hair dyes for medium copper/auburn hair that I can get at Walgreens or Sally's Beauty. Can be semi or permanent.Thanks! Martha <3

2 Answers

Is there a Whole Foods or other large health food store near you? I'd recommend the brand Light Moutnain. I never tried but I know their dyes do especially well on red tones and it is semi-permanent. If you want permanent, I used to use the brand Naturcolor and it's an amazing brand. You can also buy them on Amazon. Both better for you and your hair than anything you'll get at Sally's and not too expensive either.
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check them out :)