Safe products to use for lightening natural hair color? And how long should I leave in hair color?

2 Answers

Depends.There's nothing particularly "safe" about removing the color from your hair. Things like a lemon/honey mixture are natural ways to lighten your hair color, but in general lightening your hair color can make the hair dry. There are these quick recipes: with anything, test it out on a small hidden chunk of hair first. These are just basic recipes, not an exact science and everyone has different allergies and reactions to things. SheaMoisture has storebought box color sold at some Target locations. I've used the Bright Auburn before and it worked (my natural hair color is a soft, dusty black lol) It came with mini sizes of their sheamoisture raw shea butter line. as for how long to leave color in -- follow the directions on the box. always! then tweak once you have experience. But no one else can answer that for ya! hope that helps :) 
Talia,I would say it usually depends on your hair type (texture, curl pattern, porosity, etc.)No hair dye is 100% safe, but all-natural henna hair powder can lighten hair to an orange-red tint and is completely pure, unless it is Indigo (another dyeing plant similar to henna).I have 3C curls and I regularly lighten my hair with a homemade cinnamon & honey hair soak. Just mix a few teaspoons of honey, about 2 tablespoons of honey, and 1/2 cup of distilled water. Let it coat your hair from root to end for about 45 minutes to an hour, and voila- lifts even the blackest curl to a lighter brown tint. I've done this process a few times, and now my curls have a blond tint in the front of my hair.