So I've been wanting to dye my hair a brown color I have black 3b curly hair.will it change my hair?

Have never dyed my hair before

3 Answers

Yes, it will probably damage it quite a bit. If you can stand it, I'd just leave it alone. I'm afraid you won't like the quality of your hair after you dye it. 
I had black hair as well and died it over the summer, I used the garnier frutis box die, use the one for darker hair and it will deffinently lighten. As a word of advice wait 12 weeks before re dying. After my first dye my hair wasn't that bad but I only waited 4 weeks before re dying and it severely  damaged my hair. 
Your hair will change, how much change varies from person to person.  It most likely will be drier so you will have to deep condition more often.  I've always told my clients color is high maintenance, so be prepared.