Have you successfully tried a natural DIY color enhancer like hibiscus, strawberry or beet juice

I want to enhance and brighten the faded red tones in my hair. I'd like to try natural DIY things like hibiscus tea or beet juice. I've not found much feedback about the effects online or pictures or anything. I don't know how to do it and have no clue what it would look like on faded reddish strawberry blonde hair. My sister has dishwater blonde hair and wants to try it too, we just want coppery warm light red tones, not deep purply, black cherry or other drastic dark unnatural looking tones. Here's a pic of my current color. Do you think the color would take or look remotely decent?Any info would help, thanks in advance :)

1 Answer

I have natural auburn/copper hair but my roots are turning brownish and the ends getting too sun bleached. Tried hibiscus tea and paprika. It did nothing. Just tried tomato paste, hibiscus and a little lemon juice so it wouldn't accidently turn fire engine red. Hair is still a little damp but that didn't seem to work either :(