Any Warnings Or Suggestions On Going Ash Blonde From Deep Brown

Hey Guys, So I have about 22" of 2c Wavy/Curly Hair and I want to go ash blonde with as little damage as possible. I have bleached my hair twice before, first time I did a subtle ombre 3 years ago and then 2 years ago all over ugly brassy yellow orange from a salon. I since then dyed over it a soft brown then a reddish brown. ive had plenty of trimmings since then and a lot of virgin hair. I rarely put heat to my hair and My hair is medium thick semi course. My hair wasn't too damaged from the previous bleach . I have been doing hair masks, switched shampoos , no heat for 6+ months . I plan of buying bleachme 9+ by Schwarzkopf and using 30 developer . If I have to do two bleaching I will in a month difference and plan on toning with wella t18 lightest ash. Any suggestions or warning on bleach, developer , or anything I should be doing to help prevent damage. I know about olaplex but it's a little expensive so I was wondering if I can still successfully dye my hair without it and without losing inches or texture. 

2 Answers

Please please please go to a salon..  Im totally  DIY person myself but every time i do something with bleach there are ALWAYS problems..  Hot root,  patches,  brassy,  damage..  When i finally got tired of constantly coreectibg issues I gave in and went  to the salon..  Im soo happy i did because my hair has never looked better 
I'm with Chloe, go to a salon! I've done multiple DIY ombres and highlight sessions at home and it looked awesome, sure, bur totally dried out my hair. That was during the time when I was still ironing my hair so you couldn't tell what a frizz bomb it was. I still dream of going blonde but I'm taking baby steps. I did some highlights using olaplex (a must if you're going to use bleach!) and it barely got damaged at all. However, going all blonde will obvi damage your hair and curl pattern a bit but a good hairdresser (using olaplex!) could make that damage minimal. Good luck!Read about olaplex!