Is there a way to avoid damage post-bleaching? And is it better to bleach short or long?

Every time I bleach my hair, it gets fried. Not immediately, but after a while, it's kind of inevitable. I'm trying to grow out my hair (longer pixie now, and I'm somewhere in between 3a and 3b), and I've cut off the damage, so it's all virgin hair at the moment. I'm afraid to dye/bleach it before it grows to the length I want, in case I fry it again, because blonde is so light and more prone to damage. However, if I wait until my hair is long, I fear there is the same risk, as well as a price difference. I can do my hair myself right now, because it's so short. When it's longer, I'd have to go to a salon. Any advice on how to go about dying my hair, and how to prevent damage? I felt I was being pretty vigilant before. I used hair masks at least once every two weeks, I had a treatment I used every so often, I didn't shampoo too much, and I used leave-in. Still, after a few months, my hair was so damaged, it was straight. I really want there to be hope for my hair as a light blonde. Was I missing something? Thanks!

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