What happens when you mix" cool " and "warm" dye?

Hello!Okay so a small backstory:My hair was dyed an auburn redn and then I recently dyed my hair with a mix of L'oreal Excellence Medium Maple Brown f15 and 6CB Light Chestnut brown. It did nothing. The red was just as vibrant and the brown just added a darker tint to my hair. It basically looks the same.I looked it up and it was suggested to get a cool or ash color as the green undertones will help cancel out the red. So, if I mixed E1 Light Ash brown with the Medium Maple Brown, would it still cancel out a bit of the red and still give me a warm color? I dont want to use just the ash because I have a warm skin tone and anything too ashy will make me look sicklyREALLY ANY HELP.THANKS!

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