What's he best hair dye brand?

So I am planning to dye my hair for the first time ever. I decided to be wild and do blue rinse and I'm going to bleach my hair first. What's the best hair dye brand for me to use so that my color would last?

2 Answers

I like manic panic. They have a lot to choose and the best part you can mix them. 
Speaking from personal experience, I suggest you consider going to a colourist for the first time dyeing your hair. It is well worth the expense. I dyed my hair at home, having never dyed my hair at all before, and I used a dye that claimed to wash out after a few weeks, except it actually ended up being permanent on my hair! I had to go to a professional after all for her to fix it, and it cost more than what I would have spent going to her in the first place, and my hair was damaged on top of that!If you haven't read it already, this article has lots of great information about dyeing curly hair: "Read this before you dye"P.S. Blue sounds super fun! Good luck! :)