What's the best box color brand that has great results?

Hey guys, I was wondering what are the best box colors you guys have used and got amazing results? I'm currently transitioning to natural and I have been for about 6 months now. My hair dresser said my hair is nice and healthy and I have no damage so it's okay to color it. I've had color in the past which was Dark & Lovely Auburn color when my hair was fully relaxed and it barely showed on my hair. I wanted to do like a copper color and I read the dark and lovely radiant copper reviews and it didn't come out on their hair as well. Any suggestions?

2 Answers

I have 3b natural hair and I recently died my hair a light brown/red colour (from dark brown/black) I used Garnier Oila which is a new oil based hair dye and I had no damage what so ever and the color turned out great. 
Do NOT use box color. It's filled with metallic dyes that are harsh on your hair. I know your stylist didn't recommend box color, because it's the hardest "color" to remove at home and especially in the salon! Actually it's nearly impossible and can hinder you from receiving some chemical services in the chair. Always seek a professional when coloring your hair. Box color is cheap for a reason and that nice healthy hair you're starting to grow in now will be sacrificed to cheap metallic chemicals if you go about this experimentation. As a stylist myself, I've seen the worst and in the end you pay more money to fix the box color mishap than you did on the box color itself. xx