What's the safest way to dye curly hair?

I've been wanting to dye my hair for about two years now but I haven't because of fear of damage. My hair is frizzy and dry enough, I'm afraid I'll look like a troll doll from hell if I decide to jump the gun and just go for it. So I'm just wondering if there are safer ways/alternatives to dye curly hair and if there are any precautions I should take before I dyingThank you for all answers and comments:)This is the color I want:

2 Answers

I know a system called Madison Reed for all types of hair. I'm not exactly sure on prices but i'm pretty sure that it's reasonable. I know many naturals who have used Madison R. and have said is easy and safe to apply on hair. I know for sure they have the color you are looking for. But you can just check their website for more information just in case :) Good luck Their website is : https://www.madison-reed.com/
As long as its not too far from your natural color it shouldnt damage too much. I used garnair nutrise for about 2 years and my hair felt better than before I dyed it, there are other brands that make similar dys that are supposed to moisturise or nurish hair.