Will black dye ruin my hair?

Hello, I have light brown/orange ombré hair that I got in December. Well I really want to go dark but my mom says black dye will ruin my hair if i ever try to go light again. I most likely won't go light again anytime soon. I love dark hair and i just wanted to try a light color but i miss it dark. I am mixed so i don't think dark hair will look bad at all. I went to sally's yesterday and got 4oz of Dark Mahogany red/brown color but i don't want that.I want to go back today and swap colors and get the 1V Plum Black. Black with a tint of purple. I also got 4oz of Volume 10 developer. Brand: age beautiful. I don't really know much about dying hair so can someone help me? Also putting bleach in my hair has kinda dried it out. will dying it black hydrate it?? i condition my hair everyday. (leave in)..:) That is a pic of my hair now and i want to get that color

1 Answer

I'd say go dark if that's what u want but then I'd say you'd need to be willing to live with that color until your hair grows out.  If you keep dying it over and over you will fry it.  And trying to go light from something so dark will really be tricky.