Alternative to Deva curl one condition for leave in??

I have been using no poo method for a little over a year. I started with Deva curl no poo and conditioning with Deva one conditioner. Then I just skipped no poo and used the conditioner to help trim down cost. Now I plan to move to  loreal no poo for curly hair and try a less expensive leave in conditioner. Recommnedations please

4 Answers

A lot of ladies like Aussie Hair Insurance. It's about $4. try Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment
I haven't yet found a leave in conditioner, but have tried the L'oreal ever curl conditioning cleanser. It works great! I don't put anything in my hair, just dry it with a diffuser. The next day I just wet it and scrunch it with deva curl one conditon. But once my one condition runs out I might go for L'oreal curl leave in cream
I like tresemme naturals as a leave in. it's silicone free, so if your doing the curly girl method it's a life saver :]
If you are going to try L'Oreal - defiantly try the EverCurl line! This is actually my favorite all time line! It is affordable and has all of the essentials. Your curls look similar to mine and this line has really given me confidence. Try their Leave in conditioner. Here are the products in NC's product database: