any advice on a natural leave in conditioner that will create defined curls on my my natural hair?

i have been transitioning for 3 months. i got tired of the two types of textures so i chopped the relaxed part off. But I am struggling still to get my hair to curl and i want to do the Tighly Curled method but it just goes straight when wet even a i use the leave in conditioner

2 Answers

Since you're transitioning it might take awhile before you to start seeing a defined curl pattern. Leave-ins the are great would be Giovanni leave in and Shea Moisture curling milk. One way to create the illusion of curly hair is braid outs and/or wrapping the braid plats in perm rods. Another leave in that I've liked is Garnier Fructise, but it's not a natural product. It does have Moroccan oil in it though. And you can also create your own leave in. You mix your favorite conditioner with water and a couple of drops of olive oil. Also, I tried this one trick in college and it actually changed my hair a bit, a beer rinse. It's best to use dark beer. I used Heineken. But if you're going to do it, you have to really moisturize your hair.
when i was transitioning to define my curls i used natural Shea butter, mostly because of how dry my hair was and it absorbed very quickly. i also used Shea moisture's curl enhancing smoothie.