Aveda Reconditioning Treatment - Now my 2c hair won't curl

Over the past 8 months I have had three "reconditioning" treatments at my Aveda Salon.  Not sure what's in this but it is sprayed in sections on wet hair.  After the first two treatments, my hair acted like it didn't want to curl.  After this last one, it definitely is not curling.  What would cause this?  What can I do to get my curl back?  I am so sad...

2 Answers

Wow! I wonder what's in that treatment!  Can you call or stop by and get the ingredients? I don't know anything about that product and wonder what's in it that would cause that problem.  I can't find anything about it online, so I'm not sure what they're using on you.
I've heard that using a treatment for to long or too often can make your hair weaker and actually cause damage