Best deep conditioner for 3a?

I have type 3a/b hair and i currently use a nexus deep conditioner once a week, but i think i can do better. I'm looking for something that will make my hair softer, shinier, and less frizzy.

3 Answers

i love the Aussie deep conditioners! They do one that is for eliminating frizz so you could try that if you haven't already. The Shea Moisture deep treatment masque is really good and coconut oil also works wonders as a deep conditioner!
I use Curl Junkie Curl Rehab usually leave it in overnight, I really like this line. It's pricey but really good product my hair always looks awesome the day after. I wouldn't no-poo after using, I usually use a curly girl approved shampoo the day after to prevent my hair from looking greasy.
This is a really good one . Its not pricey and it leaves your hair smelling fantastic !!!  Another one of my favorite is shea butter products for children and adults !!