Best lightweight oil for hair?

I want to try LOC. I recently bleached my hair and it's extremely dry. However I have 2C hair so I'm worried about oil weighing it down. I've been considering avocado, grapeseed and apricot oils. Which one is the lightest? Or should I try something else?

3 Answers

Experimenting with this myself.  So far, I've found that coconut oil is way too heavy for my hair (2A, borders on 2B), at least as a leave-in.  It's great as a deep conditioning treatment though.  But as an LOC leave-in, it made my hair pin-straight, heavy, and extremely greasy.  To the point where I actually grabbed the shampoo as soon as I got home to get it all out.Currently trying jojoba oil tonight.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Got argan oil, grapeseed, and olive oil on hand to experiment with next. :)
Here is what I've found after more experimentation, using Kinky-Curly Knot Today as the leave-in conditioner and SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Styling Milk as the "cream," and with little rollers.  Oils tried:  Jojoba oil, argan oil, and grapeseed oil.  One small section of each in a mini curling thingy.Results:Argan Oil:  Tighter curl when first taken out of the roller, and maintained pretty good curl definition throughout the day.  A fair bit of frizz at the ends, but that could be just me not being very good with curlers.  Dried the fastest of the three, with little to no oily feel.Grapeseed Oil:  Loose curl, but maintained its definition through the day.  Least frizz at the ends.  Dried the slowest.  Somewhat of a lingering oily feel to it.Jojoba Oil:  Loose curl when curler first removed, almost identical to the grapeseed patch.  However, it lost definition really fast.  Moderate frizz at the ends.  Moderate drying time.  Had a slightly more lingering oily feel to it hours later.So, there's the "For Science!" version.  Looks like the best out of the three for fine hair would be argan oil, with some careful attention paid to the ends (which, again, might be user error on my part).  Everyone's hair is different, though, so if you can get samples of different oils without spending too much I would do that and do similar test patches.  I did all three at the same time and just kept track of which one was where.  Also remember your controls:  keep the leave-in conditioner, cream/gel, time, and styling method all the same, otherwise you won't be able to really trust your results.
It depends on your hair porosity and thickness. I have coarse hair and medium to low porosity on healthy hair so the oil that best works for me is the coconut oil.So get a sample of each oil and give it a try to determine for yourself.