What is the best wait to condition 3C type hair?

I have recently (after 30+ years) discovered that I have been doing my hair all wrong. My hair is between 3B-3C (more 3C), it’s thin, and I do not have a lot of it. I’ve always had hair growth issues, I do take a vitamin that helps but I still need to do more (just ordered oil from Righteous roots ). But I am stuck on not knowing how to condition my hair. I see people who treat their hair, and then shampoo and put more stuff in it to style it. I see others that shampoo and then deep condition and style. I’m unsure of what would be the best thing. I don’t have a lot so I try not to put too much stuff in it in fear that it’ll weigh it down. So I ask, what would be the best thing to do? Treat and wash? Wash and treat?  I see ladies who style it once a week but my head would get so greasy by the end of the second day into the third. I’m currently using curls reparative mask (for all the damage in it), I use devacurl decadence s&c. To style I have redken curvaceous lotion, and bounce curl. And I have a heat cap to use. I barely just started like a week ago. Help and guide me if you can, please!! I welcome alllll feedback  

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