Can moisture prevent shrinkage?

I like the way my hair looks when it is wet, but then comes the shrinkage. I read somewhere that moisture (i.e. coconut oil/leave-ins) can prevent that. Is that true?

1 Answer

I'm not sure about that... I myself was doing a bit of research to find the perfect wash and go method (with minimum shrinkage).Mainly, what I saw was the use of curl defining products and gels. A popular combination was Curls Unleashed (purple) and EcoStyler gel. Most of the women I watched used the "shingling method". There a number of videos that you can watch on YouTube. I also noticed that a diffuser was used on medium-low settings to dry the hair faster after use of the products. A concentrator was also used on about the same setting, under the roots of sections of hair to stretch them a bit more.Hopefully this helps at least a little.