Could changing my conditioner have effected my curls?

I started the CG method about three weeks ago now and would say I am a 2b. At first it seemed to work quite well, even immediately. I also recently visited a salon with a curly hairdresser and had it cut properly. However, two days ago I invested in Yesto coconut conditioner and since then my hair hasn't wanted to know and is somewhat back to what it was before I began the method I.e, frizzy on top and not curling. Could it be that, although '97% natural', the new conditioner has something in it my hair just does not like? Could it just be that it's getting used to the new product? Or is it a stage of the CG method? Also note that I've been air drying since visiting the hairdresser (although would have thought this would cause less frizz). Either way, if anyone has had the same issue, I'd like to hear

1 Answer

I would keep using it for a week or so, to see if your hair gets used to it. If not, your hair might just not like that particular conditioner. Hope I helped :)