Colour treated 2B/C CG + Olaplex/Aphogee advice?

I just found out that my favourite go-to conditioner has cones! Yikes. After months of semi-CG-ing my wavy/curly hair (sulphate shampoo once every few weeks), I finally went back to the full CG method, which always gave me great results before. Unfortunately, this time around, my hair has been consistently getting drier over the last few months. Nothing has changed but dropping shampoo. Somehow, I missed the 'cones in the ingredient list. Silly :/On top of that, my hair has been colour processed a lot lately (terrible fiasco at a curly-hating salon. I should've listened to my gut and left. Then a wonderful colour correction and cut from Devachan. Miracle workers!), and now there's insane frizz that never used to exist. Some of the curls have loosened, too =/I'm thinking of getting a protein treatment soon (aphogee) or maybe Olaplex overnight? Is that a good idea? What is a good replacement CG approved conditioner? Do I need to get a separate rinse out, and leave in, and cowash? 

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