Over-conditioned HELP

Alright, so here's my story:I used to have dry, damaged hair, with TONS of split ends and mid-shaft splits. Now matter how many trims I get, the splits are still there. I'm not really sure why, because I never use any heat on my hair nor do I wear it up that much. So, I got really fed up with it and I started using more and more conditioner and deep treatments. My hair is just a few inches above my waist, so I figured it needed as much as possible anyway because of the length. Wrong...Around late May I noticed that my hair was much frizzier/poofier than normal. I thought it could be because of the more humid weather, but in past summers my hair never changed THAT much for the season. Besides, my waves/curls looked sad and lifeless and doesn't humidity make your hair curly and full of life? So I researched online for other causes of frizz and all I was getting out of it was that my hair was dry. My hair was the softest it had ever been, so I thought this was weird, but I decided to load up even more on the conditioning. I used Aussie 3 Minute Miracle at least once a week if not sometimes more, and 18 Actives strengthening conditioner.  I used pump after pump of this stuff. For shampoo, which I only used a teeny amount of every few days, I used Organix Coconut Milk shampoo. I did this from June-November with no improvement until I finally realized that as soft as my hair is, it does NOT need more conditioner. I researched signs of overconditioned hair and it all matches up. My hair is poofy, frizzy, super soft, the curls are lifeless, and when my hair is wet it feels sticky! I was so relieved to have figured out the problem and could now start fixing it. This was about a month ago. I immediately stopped my conditioner use. I clarified, which didn't do anything. I put eggs in my hair and let it sit, and after I washed it out my hair felt better when wet, but it was the same awful soft poofy mess when it dried. I did an ACV rinse, nothing. I did more clarifying, more eggs, a more thorough ACV rinse, and even applied baking soda. Although I'm still on a conditioner strike, a few days ago I tried a reconstructor deep treatment because it said on the back that it would restore protein. Nothing...my hair is still soft, poofy, frizzy, etc. It's been weeks!  What am I doing wrong? What should I be doing instead? Or is it only taking so long because of how many months I overconditioned?  Help!   

1 Answer

first of all you gotta stop using any conditioning products it's a no no , so i once got over conditioned hair it was awful it was the first tme i ever damaged my hair and i was just mad af so i feel you and i just stopped using moisture (cowash,styling products,deep conditioner,etc..) and started shampooing my hair and detoxing it . NO USE nothing was working so i did a protein treatment ORS hair mayo it was all right my hair had amazing defined curls but it made my hair oily and it didn't do much for my over conditioned hair maybe just maybe if i used it a couple more times it will do the job but i'm  impatient so i did an aphogee protein treatment , my hair was not over conditioned anymore and it never looked better ,so big and defined but after a day or 2 i noticed my hair was just too dry and some breakage was happening and that was protein overload , tbh i wasn't as mad as when i had over conditioned hair cause i just need to put moisture in my hair wich is not as hard as getting protein into it , if you have high porosity then i'd for sure recommend the aphogee treatment but if you have low porosity like me then maybe try out other protein treatments like the ors hair mayo i mentioned try it a couple of times and see how it goes