Is too much conditioner damaging my hair?

Hello, I know this sounds ridiculous, but is too much conditioner damaging my hair? Because since I'm trying to rehab my previously very damaged hair I have been conditioning it nearly twice a day and leaving it on for hours but it's actually stating to feel worse, dryer and more brittle? Is it the silicones? I'm using herbal essences conditioner which I'm aware are very silicone?  Can someone please tell me because it's really confusing me now, I thought conditioners added moisture but now it feels brittle? Any suggestions, is it a protein issue or non water soluble silicones? Can someone please get back to me as I'm realy confused!

2 Answers

It's possible that your hair is overconditioned, which can happen if you use too much conditioner or use it too often. But if your conditioner has silicones, that would definitely make it much worse. I recommend trying another conditioner, maybe one by SheaMoisture or Suave Naturals. Also, conditioning your hair once a day is fine. Once you get a good, silicone-free conditioner and try conditioning less often, your hair should definitely improve!Hope I helped! :)
Check out the article Can I Over-Condition? Your hair needs proper moisture and protein balance. If you hair is not reverting to its natural, healthy state, then you probably need a trim.