If a conditioner is free from SLS and parabens, is it suitable for co-washing?

2 Answers

You should also make sure your conditioner is free from silicones. Silicones are ingredients found in plastic and rubber. They basically form a tube around the hair shaft, so no moisture can get in or out, suffocating your hair. Silicones often end in "cone", "conol", "xane", and "col". Some of the most common ones are Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Amodimethicone, and Cyclopentasiloxane. I know it's kind of a lot to take in, especially since they all have long crazy names :P If you aren't sure if an ingredient is a silicone or not, I recommend looking up "what is *name of ingredient*" and you should be able to find some info on it.Hope I helped! :)
Thank you so much!!!  How much does Co washing help though?  I'm afraid it will leave my hair limp and dirty..