Can conditioner be replaced with applying oil before shampoo ?

Hi, my hair is only barely wavy, and right now I don't use any conditioner after washing it. Twice a week, I apply coconut oil on it for at least an hour then wash it with a mild shampoo and rinse with clear vinegar. Then soak up water with a t-shirt, scrunch in aloe vera gel, and air dry. Is it okay to not use any kind of post-shampoo conditioner ? My hair doesn't have any chemical or heat damage, however it's long and the ends are kind of rough and sometimes brittle.

4 Answers

If your hair us shinny, soft and with good wave definition, you don't need anything else. You do need to get a trim, hair has a life spam and the ends are usually dead hair, so there is no way to restore them and trimming will stimulate hair growth. Other than that you don't really need to do much.
I'm really sorry this is kind of late, but where I live, there aren't many places you can buy products specifically for curly hair. When I can't find a good, affordable conditioner, yes, I did first put oil (coconut works well for me) and then shampooed it out, and it turned out pretty well. Aloe vera also works as a good styling product for me when I can't find a gel with good hold and no silicones. I've never tried vinegar, but apparently many curlies get good definition and shiny hair by rinsing with apple cider vinegar (what I've been told, at least). I'm not sure about clear, vinegar, though, but if your hair seems to like it, go for it!To go a step further, sometimes in place of the oil (because it was feeling a little bit heavy on my hair), II just comb a little bit of honey or maple syrup (they work very well for curl definition and moisturisation for me) through my hair (yes, very sticky work but it's worth it), then wash it out, and I end up with fabulous, voluminous waves and curls! 
If your hair is brittle, it might not be getting enough moisture. What porosity hair do you have?
If none of the above work, I would recommend using a light conditioner to see if you see an improvement. It is important to remember shampoo strips the hair of oils (including coconut oil).