Curl Junkie Deep Condish Made My Hair Frizzy?

I finally decided to invest in a good hair treatment and bought  the Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Treatment, which was a bit more expensive than I'm used to. But my hair turned out quite frizzy and dry! I left in on in the shower for maybe 5 minutes, didn't shampoo that day either. So disappointed. My hair is normally pretty frizzy and drier than I'd like despite the MONTHS of care I've put into it. I'm using curly girl products and techniques only btw. And I've tried oils and they didn't help.

1 Answer

I would say try it again!!! I have seriously damaged hair from bleach and these products have worked wonders on me and started bringing back my curl, which was GONE after the bleach incident:1) product is SMALL but well worth it!! You will only need 1/2 capful mixed with a treatment but it is amazing. Use it one or two times a month for 20 minutes. 2) Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave in Treatment. Well worth it!!Those products brought my hair back, I still experience frizz, but I would recommend these on your hair. My hairdresser comments every time she sees me about how much healthier my hair is looking each time I go.