Should you deep condition before or after conditioning?

My order is normally shampoo, condition then deep condition. Honestly, my hair has had good results from this strategy.  Recently , I have seen other naturals who claim to say that deep conditioning BEFORE putting in a wash out conditioner is more effective. Is this true ? As I said, I have gotten good results with my current order of actions but if other techniques will give me better results,  I would like it try them.

2 Answers

There is no need to use a daily conditioner between a shampoo and deep conditioner; use one or the other. Daily conditioners are used more often than deep conditioners, usually about midweek, while deep conditioners are used less often. Deep conditioners are used either monthly or weekly. I use daily conditioners to detangle before I shampoo.
Hi,It is not compulsory to use a conditioner after shampooing if you are planning to go in for deep conditioning. Even if you condition you hair there is no problem at but after condition use a deep conditioner.