What deep conditioners are considered to be only protein and only moisture?

I am confused with moisture and protein deep conditioners. If a deep conditioner has protein like silk amino acids, hydrolyzed silk, wheat, corn or soy protein considered only a protein deep conditioner or moisture? What about if it is labeled all the way at the bottom of the ingredient list? Is it considered moisture instead? There are alot of deep conditioners on the market that says they moisturize your hair and has protein in it. Please help because I dont want to have protein overload when using a deep conditioner that has protein and says it moisturizes the hair.

1 Answer

I think it depends on how much protein and moisture ingredients it has in it. If the deep conditioner has more protein than moisturizing ingredients listed first then I would consider it a protein deep conditioner. The further down  something is on the ingredient list the less the product contains. For example if a products claims to have coconut oil in it but it's the last ingredient then that means it barely has any coconut oil in it.