Deep conditioning low porosity

Hi there  :O)I have low porosity hair, and I deep condition with every wash. I am going to use a product which has lots of fatty alcohols and humectants; but would it be counter-productive to use a product that has those as well as a lot of slip ingredients? Slip ingredients are to lay the cuticle down, but don't I want it to keep the cuticles open for maximum moisture while deep conditioning?  Please help.  Thank you so much :O)CherriesTnT

1 Answer

Try wetting your hair with overly warm water, this will open your hair cuticles. Then apply your deep conditioner. I use Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea deep masque treatment. I have fine low porosity hair and that product works wonders for me! and on the plus side its REALLY cheap and can be found at places like Target. When you rinse out your deep conditioner use ice cold water. This will keep the moisture from rinsing off as well as close the cuticle of your hair locking in the moisture. Hope this is helpful!