does anyone know of a good deep conditioning treatment??

I have 3b/3c texture hair.

10 Answers

ahhh yes susonnahg is right. Ouidad's Melt Down Mask is amazinggggg but yeah it's pricey. It's my splurge item. Eden BodyWorks won an Editors Choice Award for best deep conditioner last year and I think that whole line is only around $9 in curlmart. you can also DIY and add Olive Oil to your favorite existing conditioner, put on a shower cap and let it "marinate" for 30 minutes. Then rinse with cool water. The act of deep conditioning is more important that getting a product that literally says "deep conditioner", you know? Just show your hair some TLC and leave the conditioner in longer than usual then rinse out. 
Right now, my favorite deep conditioner is Ouidad's meltdown masque. It's so rich and your hair will feel silky after using it. It's really pricey, but if you use it sparingly it will last you a long time. Another one I love is DevaCurl Heaven in Hair treatment. Love love love! Of course, everyone has their preferences. You should check out the reviews for deep conditioners on curlmart to see if there's any other brand you like. Hope that helps! 
My staple deep conditioner is the Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner. This conditioner provides great slip for fingerdetangling and it helps to penetrate moisture with ingredients such as shea butter, organic coconut oil and raw honey. This conditioner goes a long way and works well when saturated thoroughly and left on with a processing cap for 15-20mins. It performs even better when you sit under a hooded dryer or steamer. You can purchase this conditioner on CurlMart.
I LOVE Joico K-Pak, which can be bought online on Amazon:'s great with restoring moisture in dry hair, and you don't have to use it more than once a week for a lasting effect. It's definitely a great way to revitalize damaged locks.
I use the shea moisture raw shea butter deep conditioner mixed with olive oil and it works pretty good for me.
Everyone should buy the Quidad Meltdown Mask. Just treat yourself. asap!
I like using pure jojoba oil. Also this is a good blend:
I use Lemongrass Spa's Deep Conditioner.  Their products are truly natural so they don't contain any sulfates, parabens, SLS, or any other harmful ingredients and fillers found in many products on the market.  Their deep conditioner has shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and an essential oil blend.  Has done wonders for my dry curls and scalp!  You can purchase online at
My faves so far have been ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Pak (it has a GREAT slip and smells wonderful) and SheaMoisture's Deep Treatment Masque. I usually add extra virgin Olive Oil to it and it feels so silky after I rinse it out.