Why does leave-in conditioner COMPLETELY frizz me out, beyond repair?!

I have 2c/3a hair.  I will frizz like no one's business if I stray from the correct routine.  Well, I recently did.  I was experimenting with different products because I keep reading that moisturizing will prevent frizz.  I used 2 different leave-ins - on two different occasions; not together - (CJCC and CJCC Lite) and then put my regular gel on top.  The curls were totally un-clumped by the time it was all dry, and it was a frizz disaster.  Soft, yes, but huge, fluffy, no definition...Not a good look.  This has also happened when I've used my regular conditoner, DC One Condition.  Does anyone know why this happens?  Typically I just use homemade FSG and then gel on top.  No problem then.

1 Answer

I have the same problem !! I don't think there's ANY Product or ANY form of styling to prevent it .  Frizzing is just the 1 of the many struggles a natural goes through