Does sulfate free shampoo remove coconut oil from hair?

Hello everyone, I am wondering if coconut oil needs to be washed out with sulfates. Every time I use coconut oil it seems to not only not work for my hair, but make the condition of it worse. All of my friends who use sulfates to remove it absolutely love it. So, I'm wondering if that's what I have to do to remove it. Preferably not!

3 Answers

You do not need sulfates to remove cocunot oil.
No you don't need sulfates to remove it, but it can be a pain! I used the DevaCurl No-Poo once after doing a coconut oil treatment and it didn't work at all! My hair was a big greasy mess and i actually had to shower twice that day to get rid of it all. Lesson: don't co-wash when you do a coconut oil treatment. 
I put a coconut oil mask once and used a sulfate free shampoo and it'd left my hair greasy so i suggest using a sulfate shampoo so you get all the oil out.